Chris McShell

First Appearance

Information Exchange

Last Appearance

An Unimportant Mission


Nick Kay






Abel Township Runner (formerly mathematician)



Chris McShell, better known as Runner 10, is a character in Six to Start's running app, Zombies, Run! and is a member of Abel Township. Before the outbreak, he was a statistics teacher, a skill that turned out to be quite handy in Abel. Using careful observation and application of the scientific method allowed Chris to turn his knowledge into a zombie-killing weapon. As a result, he becomes the runner with the most kills to his name. Sam is a large fan of his.

Chris also had a daughter named Veronica. Veronica's fate is unknown, but she is presumed to be dead. In Mission 19 of Season 1, "An Unimportant Mission," it is revealed that he has been bitten by zombies as you attempt to fulfill his last request. He dies at the end of the mission.


Runner StatsEdit

Missions: 27

Kills: 383

Status: Bitten/Deceased ("Unimportant Mission")

Notes: BAMF Statistician

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