It gets harder and harder to tell your allies from your enemies...

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

See Where The Chips Fall Edit

Janine and the Builder agree to band together for the common goal of not drowning. You'll take the least bad option and run towards the zombies to get to Veronica and the central chamber.

Have To Go Round Them Edit

The zoms are filling the tunnels like water, and everyone realises they're meant to stop people getting out not in. Even shooting them in the head doesn't stop these ancient zoms, so you'll have to go around.

Not Giving Up Edit

At least the zombies are only waking up behind you now. Janine mentions the Minister releasing the virus but the Builder's been briefed and isn't convinced. He does have an escape plan though...

There's Water At My Feet Edit

The Builder's plan, as usual, involves explosives; mine the tunnels to cut off the zombies, then mine the ceiling and maybe swim to safety. Veronica's finally noticed water in the central chamber.

Don't Have Much Time Edit

You, Maxine, Janine and the Builder set off your mines without collapsing the whole cave system. Veronica's trapped in the central chamber, and with he water rising fast you have to get to her quickly.

So Be It Edit

The central chamber's filling up quicker than everywhere else, so Janine takes charge. Maxine and the Builder will scout the tunnels, while you and Janine blow open the door to rescue Veronica.

Getting Out Of Here Edit

Maxine's found a way out, and Janine prepares Veronica to swim out of the chamber to safety after you blow the door. After grabbing her from the torrential water you all run for your lives.

Get The Jeep Ready! Edit

You've made it out, but Sam can't come get you, you'll have to go to him. Veronica makes her choice, and goes with the Minister after shooting Maxine as a distraction. The Minister wants Sam kept alive due to his immunity, but orders the Builder to kill everyone else!

Let's Run Edit

The Builder's chasing you towards the car, but for once something goes right, and he tells you to play dead to fool the Minister. He's sincere this time and wants to help. Janine seems defeated by everything that's happened, but Maxine is not going to let anyone give up. You've all survived countless times, and you have got a township to save.

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