A joint mission with New Canton could finally put Abel on the path to recovery. But don't count your chickens too soon.



Retrieve Barbed WireEdit

Sam is still anxious to protect you, but Maxine emphasises how important it is for Abel Township and New Canton to set aside their differences and unite against Van Ark. Maxine refuses to open up about Paula, instead deflecting Sam's questions by revealing that Nadia is under house arrest. Archie arrives to accompany you.

After The Chickens!Edit

Sam, Maxine and Archie discuss the Rofflenet stations which are protected by the barbed wire you're aiming to collect. Archie spots some chickens, which everyone agrees would provide a good food source, one way or another.

Come On, Van der Graf!Edit

You and Archie each catch a chicken. Archie is preoccupied with naming her chicken, while Sam reminds you to search for the barbed wire.

Keep Collecting That WireEdit

You and Archie arrive at the transmission hut protected by the barbed wire you have been searching for. Mildred has an accident which causes Archie to drop her, leaving you to reel in the barbed wire.

Pop Goes The ChickenEdit

Mildred Van de Graaff does a runner. Archie tries to climb over the fence to rescue her, but Mildred explodes before she reaches her.

Ramona GotterdamerungEdit

Maxine and Archie conclude that Mildred Van der Graaf trod on a landmine planted to protect the comms hut. Archie is sad that her feathered companion is dead; Sam is upset he's lost his potential dinner. You and Archie head back with the barbed wire.

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