Finally you can get into the labs beneath Abel and discover what the Minister's willing to kill for

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Time To Head Down Edit

The Ministry is still putting out defamatory information about Abel, even going so far as stitching together speeches from King Jaime. With the situation this serious it's time to head down into Z-92.

Coming From That Direction Edit

Down in Abel's labs the key code on Tom's arm is definitely correct, and you gain entrance to Z-92. It smells like something's died in there, but you can hear the wails of a live, creepy sounding baby.

She Won't Wait To Attack Edit

Following the sound of the baby you pass through more labs. The scientists left in a hurry, and didn't take all their research. The computers have been wiped though, so you head to the central servers.

Just... Leave It Edit

Sam realises that the Minister probably experimented on the baby you rescued with The Builder a while back. You've found the source of the cries now, and it's just as horrible as everyone expected.

Go Out The Other Way Edit

Janine uses Tom's password get the data you need from the network. She's upset that she never asked about these experiments, but there's no time to wallow as you hear a zombie close by.

That Shouldn't Be Possible Edit

The zombie chasing you is the missing one from the Viking tomb, and the baby zom is hers. You use a handy axe to destroy her brain, but as you all continue searching the place the zombie gets back up!

Back Towards The Baby Edit

Still running from the ancient zombie, the data you've sent to Sam and Maxine gives her a clue about this zombie's reason for still living - she wants her baby back.

She Created The Zombie Plague Edit

You make it back to the room with the zombie baby, and once the Viking zombie holds it she collapses to the floor, permanently dead. As you leave Maxine drops a bombshell about the data - it was the Minister who unleashed the zombie virus on the world.

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