After a brief intermission, Sam returns and is ready to continue his tale

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

On My Mark Edit

You’re trapped in a barn surrounded by zoms, and someone is going grey. Sam takes the mic from a floundering Janine and directs you and the Major to safety.

Bad News Edit

You traverse the carnage; the Major commands everyone to return to Abel and Sam’s request for help from New Canton is refused.

Zombies Don't Run Edit

You’ve escaped immediate danger; a bitten Rackley requests a single bullet to the head. A figure is seen on the monitor running towards the group.

Dunbar Numbers Edit

Chris McShell wants to defect from New Canton to Abel Township and has brought all of his zombie research with him, as well as some two-way headsets.

Approaching From The North-West Edit

Sam says New Canton is ordering you to save a trapped Nadia, but the Major announces you will no longer be accepting their orders.

Stuff And Nonsense Edit

The Major welcomes Chris to Abel. He mentions a secret lab under the township; a woman named Diana had asked him about it.

Something That'd Save The World Edit

The Major quarantines everyone for the night, before telling the story of Cain and Abel. You return to the present day; Sam reckons the forest perimeter is secure.

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