Mysterious giant footprints have been spotted - could this be related to the Phantom of Abel?

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Bluebird Patrol Edit

The Ministry want you to check out some giant footprints that have been reported on Rofflenet. As you run, a curious Girl Guide pops out of nowhere.

Start Keeping An Eye Out Edit

Margie explains that this interview is for her Jobs badge and begins to question you as you run, much to Runner 4’s annoyance.

Boy Scouts Edit

Sam has picked up the giant footprints on his scanners. Runner 4 is spooked as she notices that one of them has smashed a pavement.

They're Closing In Edit

You and Runner 4 partake in a McShell maneuver to distract some undead boyscouts, while Margie takes them out with her semi-automatic.

Size Doesn't Matter Edit

You get the situation under control, but just as you think you’re done for the day, a giant robot looms on the horizon.

One Piece Of Advice Edit

The robot is in fact a giant construction excavator that has been pimped out by the Girl Guides, and it’s chasing the zombies, not you.

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