Contact's been established with Canada! And on the other end of the line is a famous voice. But has the end of the world driven the renowned Canadian out of her mind?

Base Unlock: Library



Transatlantic BroadcastEdit

Janine summons you to the gates. She and Sam bicker about protocol before she reveals that you're heading out on a secret mission to the transmitting station to attempt the first transatlantic broadcast since the apocalypse.

Just A Little FurtherEdit

Janine orders you to 'run around a bit' - a command that Sam finds amusing. It's up to you to triangulate the signal, which you manage pretty quickly. Janine banishes Sam from the comms booth.

Margaret AtwoodEdit

You've planted the transmitter and hooked it up. You receive a transmission from Canada reporting that some survivors are holed up in the CN Tower in Toronto. Janine is impressed that they've hooked up the antennae on the roof which allowed them to broadcast to the entire greater metro area - as a result she assumes the speaker has a background in radio. Turns out it's Margaret Atwood.

Keep Moving!Edit

Janine tries and fails to maintain composure as she speaks to Margaret Atwood. A crackle of static interrupts their painful interaction - you must keep moving in order to re-establish the signal.

Canadian PopEdit

Janine is still babbling excruciatingly, so Margaret Atwood decides to put an end to her verbal diarrhoea. She reminds Janine that the purpose of their chat was to exchange intel. Janine fills Margaret in about zombie feeding patterns - Margaret returns the favour by letting Janine know that Canadian zombies are repelled by Celine Dion.

Mad Zombies, More LikeEdit

The transmission is plagued by static before the signal fades completely, however this still allows Janine time to make a fool of her self once more. She tells you to come home. Sam is impressed that Margaret Atwood was on the line, but Janine is still mortified at her inability to gain composure despite Sam's best attempts to console her.


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