Today's mission to infiltrate a Ministry base isn't going to be easy, especially considering who you'll be working with

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Raise The Lift Edit

Janine, Jody and Sam run through the mission briefing. Today you're working with someone who doesn't know Janine's alive, to infiltrate a Ministry meeting and retrieve some files.

Worth A Try Edit

You're with Amelia on this mission, and Jody's not happy to see her again. Especially after Amelia teases her about her recent star turn in Ian's documentary.

Do Hurry Up Edit

Amelia's clear on the plan, but she's not sure why this 'Jerry' person is so important, or why you'd want to paint an even bigger target on your backs by working with him.

Those Zombies Look Hungry Edit

The apocalypse is clearly easier on some than others. Amelia's driver arrives to take her to the meeting. You and Jody have to run behind.

Head For The Supply Cupboard Edit

After a brief interlude, where Janine and Sam make fun of Ian's awful radio play, it's back to the mission. Amelia's made contact with the Minister, and successfully left the door open for you.

Get There Before Sigrid! Edit

Sam's got no cameras in the facility so he'll guide you by map. Amelia gets the Minister to reveal where she's holding Jerry - you'll need to head to Block B, Cell 128.

Phase One Is Complete Edit

At Jerry's location you confront the Minister, but this was all an elaborate ruse! Jerry's not really here and the information was fed to you - Amelia couldn't resist the bounty on your heads. As soldiers surround you Jody turns the tables yet again. Amelia's done well; you've got the Minister right where you want her.

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