A reckless dare leads to a breakthrough in Abel’s search for its missing residents

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Plot Edit

We've Got Something Edit

Sam and Janine are in the comms shack keeping a weary eye open for any sign of the missing Abel residents. Just as they are about to shut down for the night, a tracker signal comes back online.

Back to Square One Edit

The signal is intermittent as you and Paula head out to investigate. Janine explains that Runner 12 swallowed his tracker as a dare, and that the mysterious transmission you are picking up is emitting from his colon.

Don't Look Back Edit

As you follow the transmission along a dried out riverbed, some zoms decide to join the party. As you see them start to climb down the walls of the canyon, Janine realises there must be something hidden here that somebody is trying to protect.

It Looks Like a Door Edit

After Paula escapes from a close shave, Janine muses about what might happen if she were to be bitten. Paula reminds her that even though the zombies could not infect her again, they could still do significant damage.

Here it Comes Edit

New Canton reckon they can flood the riverbed again, which would knock your undead pursuers off their feet. As Sam is explaining the plan, he is interrupted by Dr Lobatse, whom Janine has called in an attempt to figure out why El Kwargho’s transmitter has turned back on. The doctor kindly offers a hypothesis despite the chilly atmosphere in the comms shack.

Find That Transmitter Edit

You brace yourself against the zombie-saturated water roaring along the riverbed, but Sam wants you to climb higher up the cliff in order to get closer to the concealed door - incidentally, this seems to be where the signal is coming from. Once you’re inside, Paula notices a Comansys logo. You’re inside, but you’ve got to hurry - those zoms won’t hold off for long.

It's Not a Zom... Edit

As you run through the bunker, Paula sees a row of chest freezers - the same as Van Ark used to preserve the infected. With trepidation, she begins to open them, hoping Maxine is not going to be one of the icy inhabitants. She finds El Kwargho - not a zombie, but he is dead. As you’re about to evacuate, a chest bursts open to reveal Tony, a teenage boy from London.

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