Finding an alternative way home leads to the discovery of even more disturbing things about the Ministry

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

The Most Dangerous Moment Edit

To keep the Ministry from finding out Jamie helped you, Tom's blown up the royal plane. You're now stuck in Finland, unless you can steal a Ministry plane.

Running Towards That Plane Edit

Sigrid must have been close to finding the artefact you now have, seeing as her base is so near to the caves. There's a plane being refuelled now, so investigating how close Sigrid was is not a priority.

Disgustingly Blood-Related Edit

There's some kind of medical research going on in the building you're taking cover behind, involving testing serums. Coast clear, you move on to the next building.

Sneak Round The Outside Edit

Amelia's surprising curiosity about this place finally makes sense; she wants a bargaining chip for her survival. You discover the building you're currently outside is being used to collect zombie saliva, before moving on again.

Check Out Babyville Edit

There's a short wait while the plane's still being fuelled, so Janine gives the go-ahead to investigate why there's enough baby stuff in this place for hundreds of babies.

Up Those Stairs Edit

You head inside what seems to be a nursery, but only for babies up to 6 months old. Everyone's in agreement, you've got the time, so you should investigate, but you'll have to avoid the nurses.

Leave Or Risk Losing Everything Edit

Now one level up you can look down into the 'Serum Generation room' where rows of babies are being used as temporary vaccine factories. No matter how much you want to you can't rescue all these babies. The choice is made for you as you've been spotted. Janine promises once Sigrid's destroyed you'll come back.

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