Running with a different crowd can give you a fresh perspective

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Find The Boat Edit

Dr Lobatse is on comms as you run with Runners 1, 11 and 13. Shifts are in turmoil with Amelia gone, but finding the Comansys ship is top priority.

Heading For The Crypt Edit

They complain about Sam not being on top of his game, but Doctor Lobatse stands up for him and Paula’s behaviour towards her.

Distract Them Edit

You enter Amelia’s hideout, and her notes imply she’s expecting a call from the Laetitia Greenwald today. The signal from this call could pinpoint the ship.

Zombies On Fire Edit

A Comansys worker attempts to communicate with Amelia’s automated voice. Runners 1 and 11 find a sconce and start setting your undead pursuers on fire.

The Moat Edit

Doctor Lobatse congratulates Runner 11’s quick thinking in the face of adversity, even if the house has now turned into a ticking time bomb.

Help Cameo Escape Edit

Runner 11 judo kicks the burned out zombies into submission and you and Runner 1 take out the others before heading back to help Cameo escape.

They're Targeting Abel Edit

While double checking the Comansys transmission, Janine heard a garbled voice from the Comansys ship warns that someone is targeting Abel; it’s Doctor Myers.

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