It's time to take a trip down memory lane and try to fill in some of the gaps left by Moonchild

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Just Like Old Times Edit

You're about to be hypnotised to find out what Moonchild told you about the connection between Vikings and zombies. Maxine reassures you that she can bring you back.

Back In Her Grasp Edit

As you slip into hynopsis Moonchild whispers sweetly to you like a long-lost lover. You're together again now.

Work Up A Sweat Edit

Sam and Maxine discuss whether talking will affect you when Paula bursts into the comms shack upset at you risking your life for her. Meanwhile, a huge nearby zombie roars.

Picked Up A Swarm Edit

You manage to lose the zom in the woods. Moonchild is impressed enough to guide you through your memories of her. At least, you think they're memories.

Quick Like A Bunny! Edit

You approach a glass office building Moonchild tells you was a secret Comansys base. Unfortunately for you, the staff are now all zombies.

By Whatever Means Necessary Edit

After emerging from the building, Maxine attempts to break your trance, but Moonchild has other ideas. Janine readies herself to fullfil her promise - kill you rather than let Moonchild take you again.

Always With You Edit

As you follow Moonchild's directions to her bunker, Janine fires warning shots. Inside the bunker you find more vital clues and Moonchild lets you go - for now...

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