Love hurts. As do thorn bushes

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Set Out For The Flower Patch Edit

Sam and Paula inform you that the seeds from Veronica McShell’s lab have finally sprouted. To their annoyance, Doctor Lobatse joins Sam on comms.

One More Time Edit

Doctor Lobatse tries to join in the banter but is swiftly rejected. Paula asks to hear the recording of Maxine again as you head towards the flower patch.

A Good Run Edit

You reach the flower patch and the plants have sprouted to about 3 feet tall. Doctor Lobatse is fascinated to finally see a zombie interacting with the plants.

Back To The Plants Edit

Paula does not heed Doctor Lobatse’s warning, and sure enough the platform she’s traversing collapses and she tumbles into the middle of the flower patch.

Back On Her Feet Edit

Doctor Lobatse wants Paula back ASAP, but Paula snaps, telling her she’ll never replace Maxine and that Sam told her the wrong time so she’d miss the mission.

Head For New Canton Edit

Doctor Lobatse maintains a professional demeanor, noting that the plant has similar disinhibiting effects on both zombies and humans.

Here We Go Again Edit

Paula muses about how similar Sam and Maxine can be on your run to New Canton.

Zombie Problem Edit

Sam arrives to help get Paula to New Canton and suggests you head back to Abel to keep the zoms off their tail.

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