An old face makes a reappearance as you and a New Canton runner search for knowledge in a crumbling library

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

No-one Wants Moonchild Back Edit

Today's run is to the library for medical books on hypnosis. Sam reassures you no-one will think any less of you for not wanting to drag up the past with Moonchild again.

Be There In No Time Edit

You're joined by Ellie Maxted, an anthropologist and historian from New Canton. She's keen to try to save as much as possible from this library.

Bookworms Are Mostly Harmless Edit

Upon arriving at the library Ellie regales you with tales of fights over books.

An Actual Maggot? Edit

Ellie finds the library's backup card catalogues and checks where you'll find the books you need. As you're both deciding on some other books to preserve, you're interrupted by the resident librarian zombie!

Rescue Some Books Edit

Once you've lost the zom, you discover Bernard engaging in book-related anger management therapy. Sam tells you to hurry it up after seeing bits of building falling off.

Exposed To The Light Edit

Sam manages to get the security lights on. Unfortunately your group can now also be seen by someone who's armed, dangerous, and not happy you're there.

Just Be Quick Edit

You flee down the stairs and Sam suggests you forget about the books, but Ellie convinces him the knowledge is worth the risk.

Across The Building Edit

It's now a race to collect the books before getting shot. You find an escape route but it's blocked by some kind of... nest. You decide to take your chances with the zombie librarian.

Race You Back Home Edit

As soon as Sam gets a good look at the shooter he recognises him - it's Janine's brother Tom! Ellie suggests using your books as weapons against a growing pack of zoms, but before you can, Tom's dispatched them all, and you escape.

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