There's something strange about that zombie guarding the sawmill. Maybe it's not as abandoned as we thought...

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

A Warning? Edit

You’re chasing up every report you received about zombie repellants, and today you’re heading to a sawmill to question a suspicious group of people there.

Down Here, By The River Edit

As you approach the sawmill, you see zombies in wooden cages. A voice calls out for help from down by the river.

Just A Bit Further Edit

Louise notes that there doesn’t seem to be anyone in danger. Padraic, your companion, grows stranger as you run along the riverbank.

Into The River! Edit

You hear the whirr of ropes and pulleys as Padraic ascends from the path - the trapped zombies you spotted earlier are set free.

Onto The Ledge! Edit

Just as it looks like there is nowhere to run, you hear a voice from a nearby ledge - you’re not feeling particularly trusting, but what choice do you have?

Not A Great Plan, But... Edit

Your savior introduces herself as Moonchild. She ended up here when the cult members said they wanted to trade with her for her “supplies”.

One, Two, Three! Edit

The cultists anger the zoms by chanting in tones similar to the control devices, but you lift the wooden gate with Moonchild’s help in the nick of time.

They Won't Listen, They Believe Edit

Louise shouts a half-hearted warning back to the cult members, who do not heed her advice and face a grisly end.

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