Following Sam's lead you're exploring caves under the 'Six White Fingers'. Unfortunately you're not alone

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Monitor The Sea Level Edit

New Canton's taken more casualties to get you out for this mission. Sam has a theory about how the Viking metal work you found may be a map for the labyrinth of caves below the 'Six White Fingers'.

Want To See It First Anyway Edit

At the caves Sam tells you about supposed bogey men that sound a lot like zombies. Unfortunately Veronica's here too and you enter the caves together, while the Minister strategically hangs back.

At The End Of This Passage Edit

Veronica's curiosity outweighs the awkwardness of working together again, but she's stopped short when Janine tells her what's happened to Nadia, and what the Minister's done.

Something She Doesn't Have Edit

It seems the Minister lost her ability to create sentient zoms when she blew up the building in Battenbury, so Veronica's here at the caves looking for another way.

Left, Then Immediately Right Edit

You've found the door to the labyrinth, but unfortunately opening it dislodges something which wakes up zombies armed with spears.

From The Books Of Mary Edit

With the help of the map you evade the zoms, and end up in a tunnel with paintings on the walls. This gives Veronica a clue, but you'll have to follow her to find out.

Another Way In Edit

You're at the south entrance to the central chamber when the Builder makes a re-appearance. The distraction lets Veronica slip inside the door by herself though, so you head to the north entrance.

Gone In Half An Hour Edit

Maxine hatches a quiet plan to stop the Builder from escaping. You've got bigger problems though, as Sam tells you opening the door triggered something, and now the sea's coming in!

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