Keeping the forest perimeter safe is dull work. Maybe one of Sam's stories can keep you entertained

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Starting Flashback Mode Edit

Sam realises you weren’t around when Chris McShell joined Abel, so suggests that he fills you in on what he calls “part of your history”.

The Last Time Edit

You hear the story through the ears of Sergeant Ellis, a previous Runner 5. Sam has picked up a mayday signal from New Canton.

Vantage Point Edit

Zoms have trapped some civilians on the top of a bus. The Major orders you to shoot the horde, but Chris McShell approaches and warns against this.

We've Got A Job To Do Edit

Chris, an “expert in zombie behaviour”, offers you an earpiece through which you hear Sam, and suggests you create a decoy so he can save the civilians.

Round Everyone Up Edit

New Canton superiors request to see Chris. A soldier tries to file civilians into the jeep in which the message arrived, but they are denied, so you head for a barn.

Back In A Sec Edit

The Major directs everyone into a barn. Someone coughs. The coughing soon turns to moaning. Someone in the barn has turned.

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