You're in bandit country, guarding a cargo that's vital to the future of Abel - and high noon is approaching.



Lesser Of Two EvilsEdit

Sam is in awe of your Bond-esque train-top running, but Runner 8 is more focused on the fact that you're being shot at. Neither Abel or New Canton have any intel about your assailants, but whoever they are, they're gaining on you. Sam advises Harry to speed up in order to evade the bandits and make sure the Major's plan is a success. Runner 8 fears the track ahead may have been sabotaged, but what choice to do you have?

Which Branch?Edit

You and Runner 8 speed past Harry and jump off the train. Sam informs you that the raiders are closing in on both sides, but there's a fork in the track up ahead - it's your job to run on and decide which branch looks safest.

Save Him!Edit

Apparently, it's neither; there is a concrete block on the track to the left, and the new Runner 6 is tied to the one on the right. Sam instructs you to send the train to the left, but Runner 8 does not want to be foiled by the bandits that easily and ruthlessly clunks the switch to the right. Aghast, Sam sends you off ahead to save Owen.

Behind YouEdit

You hear Owen's cries for help, but luckily you have a knife in your pocket which you use to set him free from the bonds tying him to the track. You save him just as the steam train blasts past, but there's no time to celebrate; the raiders are right behind you.

Spook The HorsesEdit

Everyone is glad to see Owen alive, but Sam is still indignant about 8's cut-throat decision making. Harry explains that having seen Owen on the track he attempted to break, meaning the train has lost its head of steam. You hear the bandit leader demanding that you stop the train; despite Harry receiving a flesh wound, Runner 8 is not ready to abort the mission. Luckily, the girl guides turn up to save the day; they hand fireworks to you and Runner 8 which will spook the horses when they're set off.


Bullets whizz by as the bandit leader gives you a final warning. She orders her comrades to concentrate their fire on Harry, but the fireworks explode and spook the horses in the nick of time, throwing the bandits to the ground. Just as it seems like nothing else could possibly go wrong, Sam points out that one of the frightened horses is heading straight for the tracks and it's your job to stop it.

Ride 'em, CowboyEdit

To everyone's dismay, the horse stops on the tracks, but you heroically grab the reins and pull yourself to the saddle in one jump and ride it to safety. Sam reassures you that the route ahead looks clear and that you're about a mile from your destination; Bert Airfield.

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