Sometimes you just can't see the woods for the bombs

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Good News And Bad News Edit

Janine’s furlough is over and a mind controlled New Canton are gathering their forces to get their hands on your ZRD.

Tactics Are Everything Edit

Janine cuts into Sam’s comms ordering you not to return to Abel, despite his protestations. You are to rendezvous with Runners 4 and 6 in Dunder Woods.

That Is Cunning Edit

Janine suggests you attack Moonchild’s coal bunker, since this seems to be the nerve centre of her operations.

Skinless Zoms? Edit

Sam confirms that Moonchild must have heard the plan, because half her army are now heading towards you.

A Useful Resource Edit

Amelia appears out of the darkness of Moonchild’s base to give you a hand with the door using her Automated Operator System.

Set The Next Explosive Edit

To Owen’s disgust, Janine is on board with Amelia’s decision to plant the first explosive.

One More Charge Edit

You enter a room containing a sea of computers where Moonchild has been researching Veronica’s plants. Good place for another explosive!

Get Out Of The Blast Radius Edit

Moonchild’s army splits to cover all exits, but Janine informs Moonchild that she can either choose to use her resources to chase you or to save her base.

You Understand What This Means? Edit

Sam is uneasy, thinking you’ve just killed a lot of people, but Janine explains that you’ve merely trapped about a fifth of mind-controlled New Canton.

Do The Right Thing Edit

Sam attempts to get Janine to open up about her brother as you run to meet Maxine, which she does a little, before refocusing on the mission in hand.

No Pressure Edit

Janine entrusts you and Dr Myers with the ZRD, since you are both immune to mind control. You are to head to Comansys headquarters in London.

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