Pursued by fast zombies. Surrounded by Van Ark's Soldiers. On a dangerous mission, your operator on your headset. Business as usual, unless there's something you don't know...



Time To Be A HeroEdit

Nadia instructs Runner 47 to hold the line while she attempts to guide you to Van Ark and his soldiers before they reach their helicopter.

Runner 93, Go!Edit

Nadia keeps you out of sight as Van Ark leaves the lab. She warns how dangerous it could be if intel about the zombie plague fell into the wrong hands. Fast zombies appear as you try to flee the scene.

Doing Well, RUNNER FIVEEdit

Sam 'chastises' Nadia for her 'cock up'. Nadia instructs you to head up to the walkway which joins to the adjacent building, while she and Sam dispute the runner-numbering system. Sam wins.

Zombies Are Good At StairsEdit

Sam warns you that the zombies have broken down the door behind you and are surprisingly good at climbing stairs. Nadia leads you to the walkway, which is also full of the undead. She catches sight of Van Ark sauntering to his chopper before finding you an escape route.

Grey Zombies Can JumpEdit

Nadia remembers the construction work that was happening before the apocalypse and guides you to the roof. Sam has reservations about you jumping a six foot gap from a gantry between buildings, but fast zombies approaching from the hatch leave you no choice. Sam's joy is unfortunately short-lived, since these zombies can jump.

Just Keep RunningEdit

The gantry jump alleviates some pressure from the zoms. As Nadia guides you down the stairs she tries to reassure you that the New Canton soldiers are in position. Sam is 'devastated' about Van Ark's escape.

Biggest Mars Bar Cake EverEdit

Sam hands you over to Major de Santa who deploys nets to trap the fast zombies. Sam and Nadia's celebration ends abruptly with his revelation that you were the one wearing Lem's gear. Sam tries to remain upbeat as he changes the subject to the victory celebration party.


After the attack on Abel Township, the survivors and New Canton form an alliance

Nadia finds out it was Runner 5 wearing Lem's headset. Runner 5 ditched the headset before entering New Canton.