An old friend returns, bringing new questions

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

It's Moonchild Edit

Lou spots someone wearing rather distinctive clothing in the middle of the zoms - it’s Moonchild.

Hold Tight Edit

You fire at Moonchild on Janine’s orders, but she uses the zombies as a shield and blocks your sight.

Charge! Edit

Louise catches up with you. Sam instructs two other runners to draw the zoms away from the fuel hold while you and Lou infiltrate the zom horde.

Moonshot Edit

Moonchild appears very confused about her whereabouts, but there’s no time to question her now - you’ve got to escape.

Come Along Mother Nature Edit

Moonchild claims to have been mind controlled. Sam believes her, thinking the tone box that she was holding was controlling her as well as the zoms.

Only The Start Edit

Janine grimly concludes that Diana must be targeting Abel, and this attack was only the start.


The mission title is named after a song by Tegan and Sara

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