Janine needs your help in getting Tom to give up what he knows - by recreating the MI6 mission where she left him behind

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Running To New Canton Edit

Tom's coming on the mission with you and Janine to New Canton, which Sam's not too sure about. Janine's determined to discover the reason why the Minister didn't just bomb Abel and this may help.

Let's Go For A Little Run Edit

The plan is to make Tom believe he's on an exercise with Janine, so he'll be able to give more coherent answers about what's in Z-92. Sam has security on standby - just in case.

Singh, With Me Edit

New Canton's ramparts serve as a reminder of Tom's mission in Algeria, but it's not quite enough. Janine decides to fully re-enter the memory with you playing the part of Commander Singh.

Precisely 4 Minutes 15 Seconds Edit

Fully back in the Algeria missison you follow Tom's lead to break into a 'treasure room' through the roof. He hands you/Singh a package while going to take care of something by himself.

You Heard Him Singh Edit

Timing is key in getting Tom to stay in his memory as Janine reports she's been spotted. Tom changes the plan to meet Singh in the northwest corner, aka New Canton's beehives.

He's Planning To... Edit

In the memory you've been spotted, and Tom volunteers to take the package to save Singh. At this point Janine was ordered to leave her brother, but it's too much this time. The illusion breaks and Tom's back trying to escape in the real world.

Sitting On It All These Years Edit

Janine catches up to Tom and persuades him to give up the information with some tough love. He carved the passcode for Z-92 into his arm; you can now get in there and find out just what is going on.

Uncover The Secret Together Edit

Despite the cirumstances Janine is not going to wait to discover what's so special about Z-92. She requests backup from Dr Lobatse and Maxine because if what Tom says is true you'll need medical expertise.

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