The October 2015 Virtual Race is the first virtual race and is set during Season 1

Missions Edit

The race mission is available in 5K and 10K formats with the story being the same across both races

Race Notes Edit

Note from Sam Edit


Hey Runner Five, 

I know you're new to Abel, but we've got a little... sticky situation we'd like your help with. I say 'sticky situation'. It'd only really get sticky if everything got rained on. I mean, it's not going to get rained on, because there's a warehouse. And the situation is inside the warehouse. 

OK, start again. Janine keeps telling me not to use up so much paper for "non urgent matters". But honestly, what's more urgent than a warehouse full of delicious treats? We need your help, Runner Five. There are delicious treats on the line. I know you take that as seriously as I do. Report to the comms shack at 0930 for a briefing. (Did I sound like Janine there?)

See you soon,

Note from Janine Edit


Runner Five: I'm sure you'll be glad to know that I have protested strongly against your being sent for a non-urgent run during the current emergency. The Major concurs that this mission is by no means an order. Mr Yao's "Mission: Race!" is entirely voluntary, and if you do not wish to risk your life for his foolhardy stunts you will be backed up by me. If you wish to remain in Abel, you and I might spend that time completing mandatory safety inspections of the shower flooring.

Note from Jody (Runner 4) Edit


Runner Five! I've volunteered for the race! We're going to go together! It's going to be amazing, Chris says there's definitely no chance there'll be zombies in our path, he's been analysing weather conditions and they're all heading south, he reckons. Might be chilly though, so I knitted you this! We're going to have a great time - and just imagine our reward at the end! (from Runner 4, Jody)

A Warning from Martha and Raphael Edit


We've heard you think you're something. You haven't tangled with us before though. We're going to crush you into the ground. We're going to destroy you.

Hugs and kisses, from Martha and Raphael.

Final Note from Sam Edit

Yeah, Runner Five! How're you feeling? Big race day tomorrow. You're going to be *fine*, you're going to walk it. Well, not walk it. It's a run. Unless you're tired, in which case obviously walk it.


Listen, not to worry you but... I did pick up some weird comms chatter this evening, and I'm sure I heard someone saying "the race is not what it seems." I'm sure it's just Jack and Eugene playing silly buggers as usual. Yeah, it's probably nothing. Don't worry about it. And get some sleep, champ!


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