Looks like an easy run today - the perfect time to trial Amelia's new Automated Operator System

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Is It Kylie? Edit

You’re testing out Amelia’s new Automated Operator System and it is a very strange experience.

Secondary Communication Protocols Edit

Sam grudgingly leaves the comms shack and engages the offline operator for the lowest-risk section of your journey.

Seventy. Nine. Hours. Edit

The first automated message kicks in and Nadia muses that if the operation could be scaled up, it would mean a lot more freedom.

Figures In The Wheat Edit

Nadia reckons that automated operators are useful in unchartered terrain where cams monitoring may not be that useful, but a horde cuts her thoughts short.

Enjoy The Sunset Edit

A zom grabs hold of a struggling Nadia as Sam’s prerecorded voice plays again, informing you that it’s time for a break; best not heed his words.

Shut Up Edit

Real Sam returns and battles his erratic automated recording, causing general mayhem. Nadia fends off the last zoms, and Sam turns off the auto operator.

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