Your most ruthless enemy is on your trail, zoms are all around and Abel's future depends on your return. Run!



Practically An OdysseyEdit

The welcome sound of Sam's voice fills your ears. You're back on the long range cams, but you need to keep moving - Van Ark will soon be after you and the samples will degrade within the hour. Janine directs you through a vineyard to minimize contact with Van Ark's soldiers. You hear Sam swear as he pricks his finger - he's been darning and redarning his jumper but the stitches never come out right...


You hear Calypso music as you run. Maxine points out that it's coming from an island in the middle of a lake; looks like someone's having a party. Sam is relieved since the music is attracting undead attention, which should leave your path clear, but there is still one chasing you; a burly undead soldier, the one that became infected by Van Ark's blood splatter when you attacked him. Sam and Janine suggest you attack him with a rock, but this only makes him angrier.

He Could Cook AnythingEdit

Just as the angry zombie soldier is catching up with you, you feel the whoosh of a wooden spear pass by you which impales the undead goon. It belongs to Mr Antiphates, who used to own a Greek restaurant in town that was renowned for cooking "anything". He offers you food and water back at his house, which Sam immediately finds suspicious - upon closer inspection through the cams, Janine spots bones, which Maxine confirms to be human.

Little Old Cannibal ManEdit

Sam has a plan. You are near a stadium in which New Canton has set up a powerful sound system. Sam has the access codes, but needs you to get a little closer before he can work his magic. You lead a confused Mr Antiphates towards the stadium, mumbling to trick him into turning up his hearing aids. Sam orders you to cover your ears as he orchestrates a deafening blast of white noise which bursts Mr Antiphates' eardrums.

A Rock And A Hard PlaceEdit

You're not far from Abel now, but the day is only getting stranger as Janine points out a statue of a golden cow and Sam is amused by the presence of a pig in a liquor store. In fact, the whole day has been rather Homeric.

Saved By A GhostEdit

Janine has sent Runner 3 to your rescue, but he won't reach you for another 5 minutes. Just as it looks like you're done for as a zombie blocks your exit from the alley, to everyone's amazement he totally ignores you, instead going after the horde on your tail. Turn's out it's Lem. What a guy.

That's Not A EuphemismEdit

Sam calls an abrupt end to Runner 3's wild shooting before he accidentally hits you - good thing he's a terrible shot. Maxine is keen to get the vials back to her lab so they can be refrigerated as soon as possible, which would allow her to start making a zombie spray that is no longer toxic to children. Runner 3 invites you to an archery contest between Abel and New Canton after you've dropped off Paula's delivery - apparently Runner 4 needs a little help stringing her bow.

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