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Professor Alicyn Mullins today confirmed that she has received death threats from the controversial group @netrophil.

Professor Mullins is well-known for her research into brain implants, a highly-debated technology which has drawn attacks for “turning people into machines” or mechanising the brain. She said today that she hoped going public on the emailed death threats would encourage other scientists to inform the authorities of similar messages.

“The more of us who speak up,” she said, “the more likely it will be that the police can find a crucial pattern.”

She encouraged anyone with further information to leave a message on secure voicemail at 020 3603 1683. Prof. Mullins can be emailed at

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The artefact can be found on Season 1 Mission 8: The Old Mill

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Voicemail Edit

Calling the number 020 3603 1683 (which is a London, UK number) and entering the voicemail password (obtained by email from the Paper Scrap about Prof. Mullins) provides a recorded message:

[message playback, male voice, British accent]

hi Alicyn it's Jono - 

we tried that trick you suggested and it, it works better than we could have hoped - 

total neural overload in the test subject - 

the thing is like a nuclear bomb in the brain - 

amazing... youre a genius - 

either you'll get a nobel prize for this or [hesitantly joking tone] we've just destroyed the human race - 

get down here - we've opened the champagne and we're looking at the results

[end of message]

Email Edit

Emailing results in a reply:

To whom it may concern,

Owing to a number of serious and credible threats by a group calling themselves "Netrophil", I have been forced to leave my labs and am on extended leave for the time being. If you have any urgent requests, please telephone my secretary who will pass on important messages. I have been informed that this email address may be permanently compromised and that I could reveal my location by checking it, therefore I will be unable to respond.

I am assured that this situation will not continue indefinitely.

Prof. Alicyn Mullins Taversen University

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