Idle hands are the devil's playthings

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

You're Safe Edit

You are to break into the Laetitia Greenwald again, this time to destroy their mind control immunisation serum.

For The Good Of Humanity Edit

Moonchild describes her aims; zombies represent desire, desire leads to suffering, and she want to end the suffering for the good of humanity.

Deal With Him Edit

Reminiscing about the early days of Comansys, Moonchild remembers pushing the boundaries of science with Albert and Diana.

To The Arboretum Edit

You approach Albert with a gun in hand and knock him down. Albert sounds an alarm, but Moonchild is here to keep you calm as you grab the serum and run.

Just One More Job Edit

Moonchild thinks that putting CeretinPlus in Comansys’ main water tank was for the greater good, making people happy to work together towards a common goal.

Just Press Enter Edit

You head towards the flotilla’s control centre; Moonchild gives you the passcode to shut down the generators, and advises you exit via the porthole ASAP.

A Great Team Edit

You hear every single ship in the Comansys flotilla explode as you flee the scene. Moonchild sounds tearful, but assures you you’ve done the right thing.

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