Your fact finding mission becomes more dangerous than intended, but the rewards outweigh the risk

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

An Order Edit

The Builder opens a secure line to Abel to discuss the situation. Janine gives the order to scout the perimeter of the school, despite the danger from the gas leak.

Find A Way In Edit

Dr Lobatse and The Builder are reconnecting over shared experiences when Janine interrupts with an update. Sam's back at Abel but Paula doesn't have long now. Sam resumes operator duties while Veronica runs tests.

Let's Go! Edit

There's something strange about Sam's blood and you need to find the zombie that bit him quickly. Dr Lobatse and The Builder plan to use the gas leak as an explosive distraction to get into the school.

Sound Advice Edit

You've made it into the school but your progress isn't easy. Despite that The Builder still wants to discuss things with Dr Lobatse right now. A talking zombie stops them by telling you to run.

It's Fast Edit

The talking zombie's good deed doesn't go unpunished as it's killed by falling masonry. Veronica reveals Sam's not even at the first stage of infection when suddenly your zombie doppelganger appears.

Just Get Out! Edit

Veronica wants you to take the zombie alive, but Dr Lobatse thinks that's suicide. She agrees to take samples from it once it's dead, and saws off its hand before the building can collapse.

Only Have Minutes Edit

You've lost evidence in the collapsed school, but Dr Lobatse did get a Mullins base pass from the zombie with a photo that looks creepily like you. As you return to Abel she calls things off with The Builder. Veronica wants you back quickly; Sam's immune, and that severed hand could save Paula!

All These Years Edit

Back just in time with the hand, Veronica rushes to help Paula - tranferring anti-bodies from Sam to her - and it's working! As Veronica's getting excited by the scientific possibilities Janine informs you over comms that the passkey is for a secret lab beneath Abel.

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