An Unimportant Mission
Written by

Naomi Alderman

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Story Mission

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Listen In

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An Everyday Run



Final RequestEdit

Sam asks you to report to the gates for an "unimportant assignment". The Doctor corrects him - it is important. She questions the need to keep this secret. Sam informs you that Runner 10 has been bitten, and that you need to help fulfil his final request.

Old HouseEdit

The Doctor tends to Runner 10, who agrees that, when it's time, he'll leave Abel so that they can euthanise him. Chris tells the story of how he got bitten trying to predict the movement of a crawler. The Doctor tries to calm him by assuring him that his work will help save lives in the future. She then tells you that your destination is Runner 10's old house - 17 Decco Park Drive.

Outpace The HordeEdit

Runner 10's condition worsens as you're en route. Sam spots a horde in your path and tells you to speed up, to try to out pace them.


Runner 10 checks in on your progress, but is struggling to speak as his condition worsens. He tells you that there's an envelope for Veronica on his old living room table. Sam asks Chris who Veronica is. He tells Sam that Veronica is his daughter, and that the envelope contains a final message from her mother. The road is crowded with zoms and Sam urges you on.


Having arrived at Runner 10's old house, you find yourself trapped by a horde of zoms at the front door. You retrieve the envelope and make your escape, just as Runner 10 passes. Chris's final words are for his daughter: "Tell her her daddy loves her very much". The Doctor assures him that they'll tell her her father died a hero.


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