Runners 5 and 8 must reactivate and gather stats from the weather station for Major de Santa.



Ready For OrdersEdit

Major de Santa orders you and Runner 8 to report to the gates. Sam seems reticent; he feels the Major is being too militaristic with his runners, so she relents a little, despite her instincts. She informs you that you are heading out to reactivate the weather station in order to gather information from its instruments on windspeed for when when Abel spreads the zombie countermeasure.


The Major has scanned the area and claims it should be zombie-free. Runner 8 laughs and reels off just a few of the hairy situations you've found yourself in believing everything to be perfectly safe. Sam and the Major agree that this is probably not good for morale. As you're approaching the weather station, you briefly notice what looks like a treehouse before the inhabitant starts shooting at you. It's Francesca.

Francesca's Gone CrackersEdit

Sam reminds the Major that Francesca was an Abel cook who stole supplies from the township but ran away before she was caught. Francesca is raving deludedly, believing you all to be zombies and shooting wildly, but the Major insists that the equipment in the weather station is vital.

Running TargetEdit

Francesca seems determined to shoot you, incoherently rambling about mind control and sleep deprivation. The Major approves of Sam's plan to have you as a decoy to distract Francesca while Runner 8 climbs the tower.

Fire Up That StationEdit

Runner 8 reaches the back of the tower and notices just how much food Francesca has stocked up. The Major orders you to approach the weather station in a zig-zag motion to confuse her aim; Francesca rambles about some sort of government conspiracy. Runner 8 is ready to tackle, but Francesca wheels around and accuses her of not being what she seems, before jumping to her death. Sam and the Major fear her body will attract the zombies already heading towards your location.

The Long Road HomeEdit

Sam and the Major reassure you that you're nearly home and that you can't blame yourself for Francesca's death. Major seems confident that the war can end; a positive end to a harrowing mission.



Always Take The Weather

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