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A Regular Meds Run

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Collect penicillin alternates



Listen CarefullyEdit

Sam and the Doctor discuss how long she'll need, and he says he'll tell everyone the Doctor has you out looking for penicillin alternates. Sam regrets not being able to let the Doctor use his equipment alone, but the Doctor says you helped to find the file, so you deserve to know what was in it: an audio recording from Paula. Sending you out on a run is the only way she can listen to it.

Patient Zero?Edit

Doctor Myers is amused by the fact that Paula made a CD, but she's very nervous to listen to it. Paula greets Maxine, and says she needs to believe the Doctor is still alive to hear the recording. She says she knows Maxine would never judge her for what she's done and seen. She reveals that she thinks she knows who patient zero was.

Holding OutEdit

Paula tells the Doctor that she was working on VS-72, and that the research facility on Tessandori Street contains the remaining notes. However, she says that only a handful of people could understand them, including Professors Van Ark and Huebner. She explains that they were working on cell regeneration, and that they'd had amazing results. Paula breaks down as she tells Maxine they expect to be overrun soon, and Doctor Myers asks to take a break.

Passing the TorchEdit

Paula explains how they were carrying out their first human trial. One of the test subjects - patient 29 - began to fall ill. Thinking it a normal fever, they sent him home. Overnight, patient 29 collapsed, seemingly dead, but then woke up and bit somebody. Paula begs Maxine to find patient 29 and discover what was different about him. That information may lead to knowing how the plague started. Finally, as she's signing off, Paula pleads with the Doctor to find the information and use it to develop a cure.

Hello, Sweetheart.Edit

Sam returns to the comms shack. He sees that the Doctor's distressed, and pretends to have broken the comms desk in order to give her more time. She asks him to stay while she listens to the recording again.


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