A crucial peace summit. A sneak attack by Van Ark. A potential break-through in the war against the zombies. It's going to be a busy day.



Clear The RouteEdit

It's the New Canton/Abel peace summit. Sam and Janine inform you that you and the other runners must keep the delegates safe from the zoms.

Make For AbelEdit

Janine informs you that one of the vans carrying the delegates has broken down and Van Ark's fast zombies are closing in. She orders that you liaise with Dr Myers back at Abel in order to pick up formula and spray nozzles.

It Will Work...Edit

Maxine meets you as you arrive back at Abel, where she gives you tanks of bioagent attached to spray nozzles.


The van is pulled over with the zombies closing in and you have to get in amongst them to spray them with the Doctor's formula. Archie turns up to help with her ex-boyfriend Pieter.

Kum Ba YahEdit

You are in the clear and the delegates are safe. Archie reveals she has a head-cam recording of when the New Canton runners saved you and Maxine from Van Ark's old base, including proof of what he is up to. Janine orders that Archie's recording is brought to the summit immediately.


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