A routine escape drill becomes not so routine when you and Amelia disturb some of the new base's older residents

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Time To Move. Run! Edit

Today you're starting your mission in... a toilet? It's the furthest place in your new home, Noah Base, from any exit, and this escape drill *will* be as realistic as possible.

Procedure Mandates Edit

Part-way through the drill Amelia arrives, bringing a small horde of zoms with her. Janine rolls this into the plan sending Runners 4 and 13 to deal with the zombies, while you take over their evac sections with Amelia.

Possibly Copulating Zombies Edit

The oldest part of the base is like stepping into an 80's timewarp. As you explore, Janine quizzes Amelia on life at Abel since the Ministry took over. Unfortunately there are some zoms in the last place you look.

It's On The Other Side Edit

You and Amelia outrun the zombies for a while, and continue exploring while you wait for backup from Maxine. She can't shoot them or they'll turn to infectious dust, so you'll have to lead them somewhere the air extractors aren't working.

No Zombie Welcoming Committee Edit

Amelia defends the Ministry as not all bad. Janine sealed off the area you're heading into for safety, so there might be even *more* zoms. You should be okay... if you're quick.

Better Hope It Is Edit

There are more zoms inside the unexplored area, but Janine notices something. This section is laid out exactly like the labs under Abel!

End Of The World As We Know It Edit

Following Janine's directions you make it out and trap all the zoms in section Delta of the base. Now you're safe there's time to look around again, and Maxine discovers a book from 1987 about 'The Wakened Land'.

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