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Back Once Again

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The aftermath of the assault on Abel.



Run Now, Don't StopEdit

Runner 8 wakes you up, telling you she can't stay with you. You hear Nadia talking to her Runners. Runner 8 tells you she thinks she's been bitten, and is going to lead the horde north away from Abel. She gives you an important message to tell Janine, if Janine is still alive: the same tones have been heard before every attack. Then she runs into the woods, calling out for the horde to chase her.

They're all goneEdit

You hear Nadia celebrating the return of her cameras, despite not knowing how they came back online. She tells her Runners to fall back to New Canton. She says they can't risk looking for survivors from Abel: "Something blew them up. They're all gone."

Pincer AttackEdit

Nadia spots the signal from Lem's headset - the one you're wearing. She tells her Runners to intercept the signal and either rescue Lem or shoot whatever else is wearing the headset.

Private ChannelEdit

A New Canton runner spots you. Nadia is disappointed to discover that you aren't Lem. She pulls her runners back, then addresses you over private comms. She tells you that her people will be "very interested to bring you in and talk to you."

Stop RunningEdit

Nadia explains that you should return to New Canton to speak to the council: with Abel gone, it's your only safe choice. She is angry with you for pretending to be Lem, but retains her composure. While she's directing you back to New Canton, you begin to hear a faint signal from Abel: A test of the Emergency Broadcast System. As this overrides all comms in the area, you hear Major De Santa telling you that she has returned, and to stop running.


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