It's a shame Louise has already used her Get Out Of Jail Free card

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Really Quick Edit

Maxine is convinced that the drug-treatment work that was being conducted at the prison could be the key to protecting against Diana’s mind control.

Zombies On Our Tail Edit

Maxine suspects the feelings of drug addiction are similar to the feelings involved with Diana’s mind control. You see smoke rising from the prison, so hurry ahead.

Danger's What I Do Edit

The entire prison is aflame. Maxine tells you it’s too dangerous to go on, but Paula persuades her to let you continue. You make for the drug treatment wing.

Get Out Of Here Edit

The smoke-filled room is collapsing around you. Mind control tones are sounding around you, but thankfully Maxine can’t hear them.

Risk It Edit

Louise talks about the enhanced thinking skills course she attended while inside; in exchange for being guinea pigs, inmates were given a PlayStation in their cell.

Built Like A Stone Wall Edit

As you take a shortcut through the warden’s office, The Freak emerges, fully zombified, and chases you out of her office.

Grab Anything Edit

You emerge into the medical building and begin to gather as much intel and supplies as possible before the building burns down.

The Machine Edit

Within the files you retrieved, you discover Louise’s treatments prevented her from being mind controlled.

Trivia Edit

The mission title is a song by Robert Palmer

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