Some very sinister types have kidnapped your target, and you'll need to take some big risks to save her.



Unpleasant SurprisesEdit

You circle around the compound so Sam can see what you're getting yourself into. Janine offers to contact New Canton to organise reinforcements, but the Girl Guides are unwilling to wait any longer. Just as a stalemate seems to be forming, Sam spots a large oak tree with overhanging branches that you can use to stealthily enter the compound.

No Smoke Without CannibalsEdit

You're in, and the girls mean business as you begin to sweep the compound. Sam is surprised that cannibals eat vegetables as Posey lists the multiple food sources flourishing in the disturbingly civilised gardens. As you break cover, Charlotte sends you ahead to explore an important looking building situated between the yurts. Janine points out that there's smoke coming from the chimney; if the cannibals are cooking something, they'll be doing it in there...

That's Not A Thing, Right?Edit

Charlotte and Jordan instruct their patrols accordingly and the girls prepare their fabulous ballistics.

Grab And RunEdit

You hear a struggle from inside; Charlotte reports that she's spotted Cassidy being threatened with some metal implements. There's no time to lose - the girls set off their ballistics and enter the building to rescue Cassidy, using the resulting chaos and confusion to escape out the back.

Don't Just Stand There!Edit

Cassidy is shocked to see her little sister come to the rescue, albeit a little confused when Posey refers to her captors as cannibals. Posey is delighted to have Cassidy back; she tells her all about the Girl Guides and invites her to come live with them. Cassidy dodges Posey's offer as she leads you all through a gap in some nearby rocks which opens into a maze of caves.

Red Robin SituationEdit

Cassidy ushers you through the caves, since there are apparently some supplies that she needs hidden down there. You arrive at a cave full of weapons; Jordan's and Charlotte's suspicions rise and Cassidy tries to justify her theft, claiming that the compound still has the fence as fortification, and that guns have become valuable bargaining chips after the outbreak. She also explains that the residents are not in fact cannibals; they're just hippies. The Girls Guides are not happy, and Poe leads you outside to she can alert the compound's residents.

Vegan Roast?Edit

Cassidy is impatient as she urges the guides to get a move on, but the hippies are waiting for her at the exit and trap her in a net. Posey implores them not to hurt her, but the hippies have no such intention - they just want Cassidy to agree to stay and be their yoga teacher. Janine urges you to return back to Abel now this debacle is over; Charlotte thanks you for your efforts and confirms that Chris McShell's message will make it into the right hands.

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