A Regular Meds Run
Written by

Naomi Alderman

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Story Mission

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Patient 29

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This article contains details about the plot.

Retrieve medical supplies for the Doctor



Saving The WorldEdit

The Doctor is back on the comms, secretly. She admits that her idea may be crazy, but says she thinks you might be about to save the world.

Heading for Pulse HotelEdit

The Doctor reminds you that Paula claimed she knew who patient zero was. She talks about the dog her parents used to own, and how his memory inspires her to believe the world will be rebuilt. She tells you you're heading to Pulse Hotel, at least at first.

Room 12-72Edit

Now that you've passed Pulse Hotel, Doctor Myers redirects you to the Tessandori Street Research Facility. She's given you the code to get inside. The Doctor tells you that Paula was working for Pandora Haze technology, researching cell regeneration. She then directs you into the building to look for the clinical trial records in room 1272.


Doctor Myers warns you that zombies have blocked the entrance through which you entered the building. She then sees zombies entering the building through a maintenance hatch and begs you to flee while you still can.

Eternal Life?Edit

The Doctor is relieved to see you back on the scanners, and that you've managed to find some files. She complains about having to send you out instead of herself, because of the major's insistence that Abel's doctor be kept safe. She tells you about how she came here for Paula's work, and about her experiences with Paula during the early days of the outbreak. She reveals that Paula was investigating the possibility of eternal life.


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