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Zoe has left you notes on how to take care of her cats. She knows a lot about how to take care of cats.

...ginger one with the black patch is called Muggins. Or maybe Nuggins? Anyway, I think he definitely responded by turning his head when I said "Muggins" so I 'm sure that must be something like his name. And it must all be pretty traumatic for them, so I think it's important to use their real names. Anyway, he only eats sardines from a can. If you put them on a plate he doesn't recognise them as sardines or something? But you have to make sure that the can isn't sharp. So bend the edge round with pliers before you give them to him. I've left pliers in the third drawer down.

The black one with the white socks on her two front feet is Livia. She only likes to be tickled behind her right ear, so...

Mission Edit

The artefact can be found in Season 3 Mission 46: Shoot The Runner

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