New Canton wants to test your mettle before the next big mission

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

The First Checkpoint Edit

Sam informs you that this mission has been set by New Canton to “test your ability under pressure”.

Tactless Edit

You meet Steffie, New Canton’s best runner, who’s looking forward to working with you. She applies calming solution to herself to keep the zoms away.

Keep Up Edit

Sam is anxious; his visuals aren’t great, but Steffie chimes in to let him know your path is clear.

Super-Hearing Edit

Steffie is out of sight and Sam voices his concerns about her motives.

Get Away From Her Edit

Steffie offers you some formula, convinced that your smell is attracting the undead. Suddenly she cracks, believing you to be a zombie.

An Unusual Problem Edit

You keep ahead of the demented Steffie and head past some portacabins. To your horror, they start moving; they’re full of rats, feasting on zombies.

Save Yourself Edit

You duck down an alley and manage to avoid Steffie, but the rats swarm forth and attack her.

On Our Own Edit

New Canton inform you that all their runners are in need of extensive treatment after what happened to Steffie; Abel will be heading to Comansys alone.

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