Undertake further research for Dr. Myers



Head to HertstonEdit

You enter the Vault under Abel's armoury with Runner 8, the Doctor and Sam. Sam marvels at the vast array of weapons that are stored down there. Runner 8 brings out a rifle with ultraviolet sights. Doctor Myers uses this to examine the files on "Patient Zero " you retrieved from the Keeley Centre. This allows her to see past the black marker used to redact personal information and reveal Arthur Gurkhan's last workplace: Simpson's Corner Shop.

Run SafelyEdit

Sam raises the gates and Doctor Myers sends you and Runner 8 off with some inspirational words.

Further To GoEdit

Sam informs you you've covered about a fifth of the distance to Hertston, and that there are lots of zombies to the East of you. Unfortunately, once you are three kilometres from Abel, Sam will not be unable to keep an eye on you due to the lack of cameras that far out. Runner 8 confirms that the headcam you're wearing is working, before you're forced to flee some approaching zoms.

Conserve BatteriesEdit

Sam informs the Doctor that you and Runner 8 will be staying at a farm on the outskirts of Hertston. In exchange, you will be giving the residents a hard drive containing the complete Benny Hill. Maxine teases Sam about this, saying it has confirmed her suspicions about British people.

On Your TailEdit

You've passed the half-way point safely, but Maxine spots a helicopter in the distance. It begins to head towards you and Runner 8. When questioned, Sam reveals that he spoke to the Hertston farmers on an open channel, which could have alerted the people in the helicopter to the incoming runners from Abel. He warns you to run away from the approaching aircraft.

Half a Click AwayEdit

You hear explosions in the distance. Runner 8 confirms that the helicopter you just fled has destroyed a building about one kilometre from you. Sam surmises it must be Simpson's Corner Shop. Doctor Myers encourages you to see if there's any evidence left in the wreckage.

Cover UpEdit

Runner 8 tells Sam you're nearly at the site. She, Sam and Maxine speculate on who destroyed the shop and why. Maxine suggests this could be the work of Professor Van Ark, and that they should aim to find out more about him. She urges you on to the destroyed shop.

Industrial LabEdit

Sam congratulates you on completing the journey to the shop. Runner 8 finds what seems to be the remains of an industrial laboratory in the wreckage of the shop.

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