Investigate the Keeley Centre



Big CheeseEdit

You overhear Nadia briefing Runner 20 - Archie Jensen - for her mission to the Keeley Centre, on which you will be accompanying her. Before she realises you're there, she wonders why such a "big cheese" will be coming with her. Given that you're a member of New Canton's council and a well-respected Runner for the settlement, it's surprising that Archie isn't embarrassed when she discovers you've overheard her. The two of you set off for the Keeley Centre.


Archie tells you about her past, and how she came to New Canton. She talks about working with Chris McShell and another scientist - a meteorologist - to investigate why there are fewer zombies when it rains for three consecutive days. Before the outbreak, she'd been doing postdoctoral research nearby, with an attachment to the Pandora Haze facility at the Keeley Centre. She mentions an experiment in which mice regrew their legs. Finally, she explains how she arrived at New Canton.

Out of SightEdit

As you approach the Keeley Centre, Nadia alerts you to an incoming runner. She questions why Abel would send a runner all the way out here. As you head into the tree-line to wait for the runner to pass out of sight, Nadia spots a person signalling to an incoming helicopter and tells you to hide.

Professor Van ArkEdit

The helicopter lands at the Keeley Centre, as the runner from Abel exits the building from the other side. The runner's carrying a file of some description. Nadia begins to direct you to circle around the building, but is interrupted by Archie, who exclaims that she recognises the man getting out of the helicopter; it's Professor Van Ark.


As you sneak closer to the Keeley Centre, Archie ruminates on the interesting properties of the word "sneaky", much to Nadia's amusement. Your approach is halted by someone exiting the building, which prompts you to flee the scene.

Follow That Helicopter!Edit

Van Ark and his men exit the Keeley centre, carrying boxes of equipment and files. They then proceed to fire rocket launchers at the building, demolishing it, before taking off in the helicopter. Archie is alarmed by what's happening and rattles off a number of questions before deciding that you need to follow the helicopter.

Due NorthEdit

After a long chase, you crest the top of a hill to gain a good look at the departing helicopter. It's heading due north, and Archie marks your next destination.

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