Time to pay Professor Van Ark a visit



It'll Be FineEdit

Sam and the Doctor explain that you're heading out to Professor Van Ark's house to search for evidence about his whereabouts. Maxine wants to return to the corner shop in Hertston herself, to investigate the remains of the laboratory. For now, though, she needs you to follow every lead, and that means visiting the house of Professor Van Ark.


Halfway to Professor Van Ark's house, Dr. Myers tells you what little she knows of his character. She relates a particular story in which he lost his temper at a lab assistant, smashing a tray of glass beakers against a wall.


You come within sight of the house. Sam marvels at its situation: on a rock spur in the middle of a gorge, accessible only via footbridge. Runner 8 points out that the bridge is covered with zombies, and that you'll need to distract them before you'll be able to cross.


Having gained enough distance from the zoms on the footbridge, Runner 8 tells you to head towards a nearby forest, where you'll drop the noisemaker.

Van ArkEdit

With the zombies successfully distracted, you and Runner 8 cross the bridge to Van Ark's house. As you do so, Dr Myers spots the man himself in the grounds and bids you chase him down.

Back To The BridgeEdit

Runner 8 catches Van Ark and disarms him, but not before the sound of his pistol shot can draw the attention of the nearby zombies. With Professor Van Ark in handcuffs, you and Runner 8 retreat to the bridge, racing to beat the oncoming horde.

Another WayEdit

Van Ark hears you talking to Dr Myers via the headpiece and is extremely relieved to hear she's alive. He then tells her that Pandora Haze kidnapped him and his team, imprisoning them at the Jeffro Complex where they tried to get him to create a vaccine. Sam warns you that you're too late - the zombies have already blocked the bridge. Van Ark reveals there's another way out of the compound and you head in its direction.

A Few MomentsEdit

Dr Myers questions Van Ark about Paula's report that he was instructing his staff to burn their notes at the university. He admits to it, saying he acted out of fear; he was worried that he'd be held responsible for the outbreak. He tells Maxine that she would be welcome at Jeffro, should she want to help with the research - they could cure the virus together.

Blasted MessEdit

Van Ark is surprised by a zombie while opening a door during your escape and is bitten.

Push OnEdit

Van Ark demands to be left behind - he'll turn before long. He directs you and Runner 8 to a nearby water tower, where you'll be able to hole up until rescue arrives. He implores Dr Myers to head to Jeffro to help with the work on a vaccine, before leading you up a ridge toward the water tower.

Head To JeffroEdit

Runner 8 frees Van Ark, who says he'll lure the zoms away from the two of you. As he leaves, he tells Maxine that he believes he saw Paula alive at Jeffro.

For PaulaEdit

Sam reports that he can see you, safe on the water tower, and that rescue will be with you soon. Dr. Myers confirms that your next destination will be Jeffro.

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