Head to Steve Reeves Hospital to find scientists from the Keeley Centre.



Steve Reeves HospitalEdit

Nadia and Archie discuss the etymology of the phrase "Raring to go". Nadia asks Archie if she remembers where you're heading. She reminds Nadia that it was she who identified the target of this mission: Steve Reeves Hospital. There are some scientists holed up there who had been working at the Keeley Centre. Archie wants to warn them about Van Ark and find out what they know.

Bunk On FireEdit

Archie and Nadia discuss Van Ark. Archie says she liked him when they met. Nadia questions the reliability of this judgement, based on Archie's positive opinion of everyone she meets.

We've Got GunsEdit

Nadia warns you of a cluster of fast zombies approaching from north-north-west. There are around twenty of them: too many to outrun. Archie realises you'll have to shoot your way through them.

Tangos DownEdit

Nadia guides you through the mob of zombies, directing your fire to the closest targets. After a tense few moments, you emerge victorious. Between you and Archie, all the fast zombies have been killed.


As you approach the Steve Reeves Hospital, Archie draws Nadia's attention to the pictures she's receiving from Archie's headcam. The hospital's half burned down. There are three bodies outside. They have been shot in the back. Archie suspects the involvement of Van Ark's men.


You enter the hospital. The place is ruined. Archie is distressed by the destruction. She finds a woman in the ruins, who begs for your help - there are zombies in the next room. Archie tells you to get her into a wheelchair and get out of the hospital.

Van Ark LaughedEdit

Nadia informs you that the woman you've rescued is Monica Kaye, formerly of the Varela Clinic. She's an expert in immunoblotting and is on the list of key personnel to retrieve if possible. Monica then tells you what happened to the hospital. Eight people from the Jeffro Complex, employees of Pandora Haze, came under the pretence of sharing research. At night, they burned down the facility and left it to the mercy of a large pack of zombies. Monica tells you how Professor Van Ark laughed as they burned her specimens.

They're ComingEdit

Monica asks you to stop running. She knows she's dying, but didn't want to die in the ruined hospital. Archie tells her she's not going to die - New Canton has lots of doctors and good hospitals. Monica reveals she's been bitten, before revealing that Van Ark plans to attack New Canton next.

Close your eyesEdit

Monica begins to succumb. She asks Archie to kill her. Archie hesitates, but then helps end Monica's suffering.

Life Goes OnEdit

Archie reacts philosophically to Monica's passing.

Rest UpEdit

Nadia welcomes you back to New Canton. She informs you that the council have decided to preemptively attack Jeffro, and you should rest up so that you can take part in the raid.

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